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Sports Fields Inc. supports those with the goal of reducing and eliminating pesticide and synthethic fertilizers within their communities. We are constantly looking for new and innovative approaches to organic turf management and are happy to assist anyone with the development of an organic maintenance program for their facility. All good maintenance programs, organic or otherwise begin with good cultural practices, i.e. watering, aeration, fertilization, seeding, etc., but are extremely critical to the success of an organic based maintenance approach.

Our products:

Organic Fertilizers by Nutrient Plus
and Bay State.
(Some contain biosolids and others do not).
  • 4-3-0 Bay State
  • 4-2-3
  • 4-4-2 regular SGN and Greens Grade.
  • 4-5-0 with 5% iron. IRONGIANT
  • 7-2-12 Bridge product.

  • Loam + Compost from New England Organics for topdressing. Services.
  • Organic fertilizer applications
  • Organic pesticides applications
  • preemergent only
    (corn gluten with 6-3-2, NPK properties)
  • Topdressing with loam/compost blend or straight compost.